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Great Nonprofits 2014
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  • Take the Pledge! Join Innocence Matters supporters and pledge to follow the truth wherever it may lead.
  • Investigating Innocence This online course will teach prospective interns and new lawyers how to develop an investigation plan that will protect their
  • I Am Innocent Seminars If you or a loved one has been falsely accused and you are concerned the court-appointed lawyer is not protecting
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Board of Directors 

Our board members serve a three-year term and meet quarterly.  Their primary role is to raise funds for the organization and to support the staff in their efforts to achieve our organization's mission.  Our members make an annual commitment to meet our give & get policy. Each member serves on one of our committees and plays a critical role in ensuring the success of our annual Courageous Truth Award. The average monthly time commitment for all board/committee activities is 6-10 hours per month.

Advisory Council

Our advisory council is comprised of group highly-respected experts who assist by providing pro bono advice in their field of expertise. Their time commitment varies depending the organization's needs, however, it will average under 2 hours per month. 

Committee Members

The board relies on its standing committees to assist in the board.  Each committee is co-chaired by member of the community and the board liaison. The Committees range in size from 3-8 members, including the co-chairs, one or more staff members and up to six other members of the community. The members are appointed to the committee by the board at the annual meeting in October. Committee service runs from November thru October of the following year and requires a commitment of 6-10 hours per month.

Emerging Leaders Council

This council provides young professionals (25-35) the opportunity to have a board-like experience while supporting a great cause.  The council's primary function is to raise awareness and funds for Innocence Matters through a variety of community, educational and social events during the year.  Council members make a one-year commitment (Jan-Dec) to give 10-15 hours per month. 

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